VANDALS is an only content book/magazine. Straight to the point: No comments, no small talk... It is not another waiting room magazine, something you look at before getting a tooth removal.

VANDALS is not a niche dark magazine, it’s just an eyes-wide-open-condition media that want to be a companion to go through the good and the bad also to bring inspiration, biscuits for the worried minds… and even a good laugh.

VANDALS is not another one-time disposable glossy magazine, something you look at once before it collects dust in the corner. It should be treasured like a book, a collectable, something you care about and pick up over and over.

VANDALS is designed by acclaimed art-director & typographer Neville Brody.


VANDALS only accepts submission from the artists and the photographers themselves, owners of the copyright to their images.

If your work fits the universe of VANDALS and/or the issue we're working on, we'll contact you back.